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Published: Oct. 17, 2016, 4:28 p.m. Back

Author: rachell

I recently had a project to use some currency converting API, I used a django framework to set up the app. Taking in date, currency params it would return a json file with desired currencies at whatever date. No date would default to today. 

One thing I had a problem with was having a date, base currency and outcome currencies all as params, so I worked some backend python magic to get what I wanted. 

My requirements.txt looks like this:


It was my first time playing with mongoengine and pymongo, so although it took some time to get used to, I really enjoyed it! My friend recommended using the GUI Robomongo. This tool really helped me visualize the datastructures and helped pull out and manipulate the data I wanted.

Since I wasn't making any new databases or entering new data into the database, I was focusing on retrieval and manipulation. IBMs article helped me a lot.

Although I didn't write any I got to see Cucumber, Go and use vagrant for running tests.

I struggled a lot because there were so many new technologies, but I learned more than any tutorial or course could have taught me and because it was difficult what I learned is engraved in my brain. And yet again, this thing that seemed impossible when I first approached it, break it down step by step and I was rocking it. Yay for

So now I'm off to find another project ~~ many ideas, but I'll keep 'you' posted!



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