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Data Science: Quantify Attorney Pro Bono Need

Quantifying the Need for Attorney Pro Bono Services in Connection with the Social Determinants...

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Contact Tracing and Social Distancing Web Application

I quickly rolled ou...

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"BACS provides the necessary tools—from surgical preauthorization tools and preope...

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Light and Leadership Initiative

The goal of this project was to create as much flexibility within the django framework s possi...

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This site was inspired by the needs of local refugees. It facilitates donating and requesting ...

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Tactical Training

A responsive site made with Django. Includes a blog as well as events that are displayed on fu...

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Udadak Cat Hotel

I made this site using Python, Django and bootstrap. Some cool features are: member login, pas...



I use Python daily while building and maintaining webapps, writing scripts, and wrangling data for data science projects. 


I've been developing with Django, include DRF,  for over 5 years in various projects. I love the code and the community. 


As far as frameworks go, I currently mostly use Vue, but have used AngularJs and React in previous projects. 

Amazon Web Services

Services I have used on AWS include but aren't limited to: RDS, Lambda, SNS, SQS, EBS, EC2