Ubuntu on Windows

Published: Nov. 29, 2015, 8:47 a.m. Back

Author: rachell


I wanted to use Ubuntu for web dev projects, but I need windows for some the banking system in Korea, so I set up dual boot on my little laptop. I'm writing it here so when I need to do it again, I'll have it all right here(although the versions will probably need updating).

    1. download Ubuntu
    2. Set up USB: follow instructions

    3. Download USB installer

    4. Depending on system, set correct booting order. Mine is windows 8 so I disabled secure boot and turned Fast boot off. To get to boot options while turning on computer press f10 select ‘enter setup’.
    5. set up ubuntu for python dev:

      sudo apt-get install python-pip python-dev python3-dev build-essential

      sudo pip install –upgrade pip

      sudo pip install –upgrade virtualenv

    6. install git :

      sudo apt-get install git

    7. git set up and git clone:

      git config –global user.name yourname

      git config –global user.email youremail

    8. Download virtual environment:

      sudo apt-get install python3.4-venv

    9. set up virtual environment: (outside of git repo)


      python3 -m venv venvname

    10. Activate virtual environment:

      source myvenv/bin/activate

    11. download required:


      pip install django=1.8

    12. cd projectfolder
    13. Make a requirements file:

      pip freeze > requirements.txt

    14. upload changes to git :

      git add filename

      git commit -m”a nice message”

      git push

(for django projects):

  1. python manage.py migrate
  2. python manage.py runserver

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