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Police Tactical Training

A site to give information about tactical training courses for police. Responsive front end si...

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Git In Control

“You can’t break GitHub, don’t worry.” Maybe you can’t bre...

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Udadak Cat Hotel

I made this site using Python, Django and bootstrap. Some cool features are: member login, pas...

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Django Girls Site

I collaborated on this project with other Django Girls Seoul members. This site was created to...

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I was inspired to make this CrraftsNstuff site for my family, who are always sharing crafts an...

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JS Front-end Resume

Project 2 For Udacity Front End Web Developer Nan...



I have used python for algorithms, pygame, web scraping, and backend web development.


I use html, css, bootstrap and materialize to create responsive web-designs.


I have experience collaberating with team members using GitHub on projects like CodeforEveryone and Django Girls Seoul.


It is of the first framework I used and instantly fell in love with it! Nowadays, I develop websites using Django like this one!


I've used JQuery but also I've been working with Angular and I love how 'refreshing' it is.